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[J-Drama] - Wonderful Life

I was totally skimming through my history of dramas that I watched, because I wanted to watch something over again and I think, 'Hmm.. Wonderful Life was a bundle of laughs, a pinch of nerves and definitely a tear jerker. I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with the overly adorable Shin Bi?'

So being the daft crazy that I am, I click without looking.. And ended up bumping into Wonderful Life the Japanese Drama. o.O They had one? I really should have done my research better. Not MY surprise when I see the wonderfully wonderful Takashi Sorimachi playing the lead male role!!! I was so excited because I thought he was just tooo funny in GTO, so he made a fangirl out of me.


Anyway.. You know maybe it was the same storyline? Oh what a naive little thing I am.. Of course it's a different storyline, so different that I am entranced upon the completion of only the first episode. I'm obviously craving more. His injury was super lame in the sense of how he was injured and how the scene was done (if memory serves me right, because I remember not being completely satisfied with it) but the overall drama was very good and with a unique cast.

Let's start from the beginning. Takashi Sorimachi plays the part of Akira Kirishima star batter for the Pirates (a professional baseball team) and let me just say he is a rotten money grubbing bastard that no one would really want to be around. Of course, his fans really know little about who he really is, especially one little boy who writes him letter after letter asking the batter to be the coach of their little league baseball team. It's already painfully obvious that this will become the main plotline for the drama. They really wasted no time in revealing that much, but the question is 'How the hell is he going to find himself coaching a little league basball team? I mean, he's a professional for crying out loud, he doesn't do this stuff out of the kindness of his heart.' 

Which brings me to that injury that I mentioned earlier. Again, lame in almost every sense of the word, but you also get a feel for his character because he was injured after being caught cheating on his wfe of however many years. In the end his wife does divorce them and take their eleven year old son with them and it really sucks for him, because on top of his family leaving him, he has no real friends, his shoulder is injured and he gets fired from his job.

And cue the little league baseball team.

It was actually unbearanly cute there little boys. They of course aren't perfect angels, but they grow and learn from him and vice versa. As is the sterotypical plot, he changes into a better person. He falls in love, learns to be more humble, blah blah blah, the baseball team sucks when he first gets there. It's all pretty predictable, but the fun isn't guessing if they'll win or not, it's watching the funny little antics of the towns people, getting to know who Shou and Konsuke are, it's like watching a flower bloom. Even though you know what the end result is going to be, you wanna see what happens in between.

I do hold other dramas above this one, but let me tell you it's definitely something else. If I were to rate it.. I would give it.. Hmm.. probably 3 out of 5 stars.

-nod nod-


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