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[K-Drama] - Love Letter

Really now.. Who hasn't heard of this drama..?

I'm not gonna lie, I loved it because I am definitely a sucker for these angsty, drawn out dramas that's story could probably be told in a single movie. I'm not saying it was bad, because I totally loved it, but I'm not going to say that it was the best thing that was ever put on Silent Regrets and I think that everyone should watch it because there is no life without this drama..

No no.. That's Hana Kimi..

Anyway.. The first episode definitely won me over, hands down. I found the story so interesting and engaging. I actually thought that it could have stood well on it's own.. Heh.. But that's just me. Anyway.. Andrea's story really did make me tear up. Discovering that he had an uncle that would really care for him instead of that vicious aunt that would just beat him all the time.. And when he got older meeting Eun Ha was like a Godsent and since so much of this drama revolves around religion I have no problem saying that.. Heh.. (I usually try to keep some things like religion to a minimum you know.. taking in the consideration of others and what not..)

When they went to college it did get a little more complicated.. There's the whole discovering the long lost mother thing, throwing freakin WooJin in there and falling in love Eun Ha who had always had her heart devoted to Andrea (whose real name is WooJin as well, but for the sake of not wanting to cause confusion, mainly amongst myself, we're sticking with his Christian name, Andrea..) who is hellbent on becoming a priest.

Obviously devoting his life to God is a slight problem.. Considering that he'll never get married.. Do the nasty with Eun Ha (just being realistic here..) and there's WooJin who always seems to lurk in the shadows and hide some sort of very important information fro either Andrea or Eun Ha which, coincidentally enough, sets the two even further apart than they already are and considering that Andrea wants to be a priest, that is pretty gosh darn far..

But here's the truth, the set back, of this drama. It does go around in circles and just when you think it can't get anymore complicated than it already has, the director, the scriptwriter, WHOEVER, manages to pull out another plot twist that causes everyone involved more anguish. The truth about Andrea's father. The truth about Andrea's mother. The truth about WooJin's father. The truth about WooJin's mother. The truth about Eun Ha. The truth about Andrea and Eun Ha. The truth about Eun Ha and WooJin. Really.. Does the madness ever end? Not to mention the river of tears that's spilt by the cast alone.. I do declare there wasn't enough room in the world for their tears (and mine) had this series gone on any longer.

My biggest gripe about this drama was the unfinished side story.. They managed to close a couple of holes here and there, but there sides left opened, questions left unanswered, some things were very hazy and not completely making sense, but because you're so caught up in the emotion and about to drown from the onslaught of tears, you just don't question it.

*falls over*

Since I enjoyed it.. I give it three out of five stars.. definitely.. but looking at from a different point of view.. hmm.. 2.. 2 and 1/2..
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