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He kinda looks like Se7en in this shot..

Tears of An Angel..

It figure the ONE TIME I finally say something out loud about Changmin's lack of crying and ability to hold it together while the others fall apart.. on top of writing a fic about him crying.. He cries.. Making me look a little weird.. Not gonna lie I think I might be psychic because.. you know.. it was only a matter of time before he cracked.. I mean.. He needs to let emotion out.. It's not healthy to hold it on in.. -nod nod- Also.. I totally teared up watching him cry.. He was very put together in his tears though.. And Chunnie was so supportive of the baby.. Hehe.. That's friendship right there. ^___^ And Minnie was just trying to play it cool, but there was just no hiding it.. I wish I could have given him a hug..

And though I LOVE Big Bang with all my heart (though Top's betrayal wounded me deeply, I mean come ON, I can't compete with HyoRi xD) I still think DBSK is the better group. (I have my own reasons and four years of torture *Ash knows what I'm talking about* for why I believe this) but then again, my opinion is just that.. My opinion.

Proud of all ten of my boys though! ^___^

And it's war between me a HyoRi.. I'm taller, so I just might win. Haha!


all these videos of Changmin crying around that I can't watch because the internet down here doesn't support streaming video. or downloading anything larger that .5mb as a general statement.

crude technology, i tell you.

I think you and the rest of the red sea wants to hug him ;)
oh technology.. how you do cruel things to people.. haha.. wait til you hear my masterful "marry Changmin" plan..

came up with it by myself.. quite brilliant really.. :)

It's still under development of course, but will be put into action come january.. oh yeah :-D
I hear you completely.. DBSK = Men's Choir

-nod nod-
He kinda looks like Se7en in this shot..

January 2009

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