xxcantchoosexx (xxcantchoosexx) wrote,


So I've had a very exciting moment in my life.. well.. to me it's exciting.. I was browsing through korichan 's recommendation list and not only did I notice that 'Your My Melody' was on there *blush* but before the list itself is presented, she was talking about the filtering process and what not of her fics and she was talking about crossovers and you know what the example was..? SCHOOL DAZE!!! *dies*

I feel like hardlychosen  isn't an appropriate screenname anymore.. I mean.. I don't think it was really appropriate in the first place.. I probably picked it because I was being dumb and emo and because it wasn't taken.. -.-' Then again.. maybe that's why she chose to use School Daze as an example..? Then I wondered to myself.. Would enough people have read it to understand that it was one of those extremely tripped out crossovers..? 

Which got me to thinking.. Maybe I think too much? o.O  Well.. then again.. That's not too surprising.. -.-'

Anyway.. I totally enjoy gushing with pride.. It doesn't happen often so when I'm just gushing.. I like to gush all over the place..

I miss patra86 

and I also enjoy using this little button thingy to make everonye's screen name go from patra86 to patra86  haha.. I'm so lame..


Anyway.. it's 3 in the morning and I should really go to bed.. But I'm so hyper.. *whimper*

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