xxcantchoosexx (xxcantchoosexx) wrote,

Getting Myself In Order..

Ok enough of this emo crap.. That's not me at all.. Whatever insecurities or fears I have.. Screw it, I can't be wasting precious time on stupid stuff..

I will.. If it is the last thing I do.. Will most definitely find a way to go to KMF this year AND get my new computer.. I mean.. HELL I'm going to be working mad crazy hours anyway and know how to make money so it shouldn't be a problem.. Then again.. I make everything a problem, but I WILL make it possible for me to enjoy myself as much as possible, which is something that I think I've forgotten how to do..

KMF was the highlight of my entire life last year.. The experience was amazing and I really really want a repeat of it and I think I owe to myself to do something that I really really want to do, ne? Seeing California.. Going to K-Town.. Meeting other DBSK fans.. Seeing the Hollywood Bowl.. Getting to see DBSK live.. Hell.. Even the flight (which by the way I slept through and didn't get to see the Grand Canyon OR get my damn soda and then I didn't get my peanuts until we go to the hotel) was amazing.. Every single aspect of it.. And I would give anything in the world to do it again.. If I do go again.. This time I wanna stay loner.. you know.. see the sights.. eat the food.. oh goodness the food.. What.. Maybe like a week or something?

*sigh* KMF.. how I do love thee..

Patricia HWAITING~~~!

The hotel I stayed at.. Right of Whilshire was right down the street from the Chinese Theater..
Hehe.. It was AMAZING~~~! And this is a picture I totally took with my camera phone..
I miss that phone.. I'm probably gonna switch back to it..
Even though it doesn't ring..

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